Friday, 19 November 2010

Feeling inspired :-)

I was searching through things about Rwanda on the internet and I came across a really inspiring initiative called Project Rwanda where they are promoting the use of bikes for business, fun and transport. I loved the Rwandan wooden bikes, I wonder if I'll come across one on my travels!

The link to the website is

My flight details came through a couple of days ago which has made it all seem really real. I'm so excited, but also wondering how I'm going to fit everything I need into a couple of bags. I was looking at some weird vacuum bags that suck all of the air out of your clothes in order to save space but then I'm worried that all my clothes will get so wrinkled that I will never be able to iron out the maybe I'll have to try to exercise restraint and limit myself with what I take...but then again...perhaps it is worth a try. 

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  1. Hi Camilla. We've bought the vacuum bags and will use them for packing up at home and may use a few for the trip. Our son and girlfriend used them whilst in Asia and they worked well. Only 6 or so weeks to go and looking forward to meeting you. Stephen