Monday, 4 April 2011

Hi from Kampala

Kathy and me arrived safely in Kampala, the capital of Uganda a couple of days ago. Kathy has arrived with her house on her back, she s not one who packs lightly! And I had so much dirt in my hair that it turned the water red...but the people here still say they like us (rich girls). Being the culture vultures we are we have already been to the National Theatre in Kampala to watch a kids show. My favourite line was 'I don't want my girlfriend to be an ugly caterpillar'. We are going to go back there this evening to see jamming, Ugandan style...

Today we went people watching down in the centre of town. It was mad, muddy and manic. We were still called muzungu, so it seems the word travels across country borders. After nearly ending up in a brothel we found a suitable vantage point from which to watch the sheer craziness of Kampala. There was just so much going on in such a small space. We found enough to keep us entertained for over half an hour. Well I have to go as the computer is bugging me to buy more internet time. I'll be back soon.


The craziness of Kampala

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