Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Two out of three ain’t bad...

Since arriving in Rwanda I’ve developed a pre-occupation with toilets. I know, its a sign of an enquiring mind gone too far, but it keeps me distracted from the horrors of having to walk past peeing men, avoid puddles on the floor and trying to shut doors that won’t shut when nature calls. The rating system goes: 1 point for a flush toilet that actually does flush, 1 point for toilet paper (like gold dust, really it should be more), and 1 point for a door that locks. If you get one out of three its ok, two out of three ain’t bad, and obviously the whole three points is amazing. The TTC staff toilet gets a one...and the one at my house gets a two on account of the door and the toilet paper when someone doesn’t steal it...I’m sure someone pinches my toilet paper on the weekends, seriously I’ve started to lock it in my house!

Well in one such three starred toilet at La Galette in Kigali I noticed some rather interesting signs. I can’t decide if they are meant to be taken seriously or not....did they just download them from the internet and think that they were serious signs, or does the owner have an unusually well developed sense of humour? I guess I will never know as I don’t know enough French (all the menus and stuff are in French there) or have enough courage to ask...I particularly like the one of the man fishing in the toilet.

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