Saturday, 12 November 2011

A time for reflection

As I prepare for my holiday in Zanzibar and then my journey back to the UK for a Christmas visit, I can’t help but reflect on the past academic year. I’m now half way through my placement and in some ways it has gone by very quickly. There is so much I want to achieve at work, but also in other spheres of my Rwandan life. So I have composed a list of 20 things I still want to do in Rwanda to make sure that I return in January with a spring in my step and a sense of purpose. Some of them I can’t believe I haven’t done yet, while others could prove more of a challenge.

20 things I still want to do in Rwanda:
1) Drink banana beer (not to be confused with banana wine)
2) Successfully balance a pot on my head
3) Go to a Rwandan wedding
4) Know all of the words to the Bella song
5) Have a party in the TRC
6) Have a go at making at least 1 Rwandan handicraft, perhaps basket weaving or cow dung painting
7) Get my hair braided
8) Surprise someone with my Kinyarwanda
9) Hold a dinner party at my house for my Rwandan colleagues
10) Go to Nyungwe national park
11) Try to make melange
12) Get something made out of Primus fabric
13) Wear a Mushyanana (Traditional Rwandan ceremonial dress for women)
14) Make a picture out of banana leaves
15) Put on an Intore headdress
16) Buy a Rwandan desk flag and put it on my desk at the TRC
17) Blow bubbles at lots of kids
18) Get a copy of Lindsey’s tunic made out of African fabric
19) Watch gorillas in the mist
20) Make something with Piripiri sauce that actually tastes good.

Phew that’s quite a list! It Now its on this blog it will serve as a constant reminder that there is much left to experience in this place, and I’m sure things will continue to surprise me.  


  1. Hey Cam Have a great time in Zanzibar and at home for christmas.
    I love your list of things still to do in Rwanda but you've missed off coming to Gitfest in 2012!!

    See you when you get back from UK xxx

  2. Hi Camilla. i hope you are well are you still fundraising for training? my name is Anne and i'm currently in Kenya. The organisation i work for may be interested in helping out. Please send me an email and i will respond with details.
    sorry for sounding vague if not stalkish.. :-)
    drop me an email and i'll explain.

    kind regards,