Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas time and Rwamagana banana wine...

Well its nearly a month since my last posting. I can hardly believe it but I've been back in the UK for more than a month now. While it was strange at first its amazing how quickly everything normalises. But I have not forgotten Rwanda (I don't think I ever will!) and I am really looking forward to continuing my work there. In the last month I have been busy visiting friends and family, talking to children at my old school about Rwanda and having a totally ridiculous number of hot baths. I have literally put on half a stone since arriving back in the UK through eating glutonous amounts of rich food. So it seems that in many ways I haven't changed.

But then we did drink the wonderful Rwamagana banana wine with the Christmas pud this year, something which wouldn't have happened any other year. And I have to say it is a cross cultural marriage made in heaven! If any of you ever get the oportunity to try Rwamagana banana wine it is to be recommended. More like a sherry than a wine, it is very sweet but packs in a good flavour. Oh dear god I'm beginning to sounds like that wine critic off the telly, Jilly Goolden with my poetic ramblings about alcoholic tipple. Talking of which, I have definitely had my fair share of that lately. Gone is the Primus beer belly, only to be replaced by the wine wobble. Oh dear, oh dear. Its a good job I am going back to my diet of moderation in Nzige.

Well I'm off to look up what antiquated films are being shown on the TV for Christmas this year and I'll be flying back on the 6th of January so not long until this blog once again has a more accurate title xxx

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