Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Camilla and the Kamikaze lizards

I have a fairly tumultuous relationship with the lizards in Rwanda. I do find them quite cute from a distance. They have their big bug eyes and cute little tails. They are fine on the wall. But lately there has been a plague of the kamikaze kind. Not content with keeping their four stumpy little legs on the wall where they belong, they have started launching themselves at me at work. I don’t know if the ones at the TTC are a bit dozy or what, but twice this week a lizard has fallen from the sky and landed on my shoulder.

 Its such a horrible experience. One minute you are walking back into the resource room carrying your ‘journal de classe’ and white chalk like all good teachers do, and the next moment you are flapping around trying to shake off what you think is a lizard but you’re not quite sure as you never actually saw it land. If you don’t want to land on a human (and let’s face it, why would they, they can be quite unpleasant and unpredictable creatures), look before you leap you stupid, stupid things! I’m now wary of walking through doorways as that is where they tend to jump from. Perhaps they are a bit blind, as in fairness they do look pretty traumatised when I do finally manage to shake them off. I thought I’d killed the last one. When I got it off it just froze on the floor for ages. So I’m hoping they develop a bit more sense soon, for their own good.    

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