Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The day the tables came

Today, finally, the long awaited tables and benches came. Now at last I will be able to teach in the resource centre. The tables were carried on heads and the benches were carried on bikes. How they managed to carry those tables on their heads without being squished right into the ground is beyond me. I couldn’t even drag one by myself. Me and Andrew, the Ugandan tutor who is helping me with the resource centre, found some of them hard to lift with two of us.

So today I spent ages arranging and re-arranging the tables. I’m so excited. Next term I’ll be able to teach lessons in the resource centre and life will hopefully be so much easier. I can set things up before lessons begin and I can feel like the queen of my classroom once more. I always think of my classroom as like an extension of myself...sounds a bit crazy I know but its important to me to have my own room that reflects the way I like to work. It has to have slightly untidy piles of paper everywhere (well at least enough untidy piles to lose things), it has to have things to play with and it has to have pretty pictures and photos on the walls. There will be a ‘Camilla’ classroom in Rwanda now. Heaven help them.


  1. What a contrast to the pictures when you first started

  2. BTW - there is now for you to follow our preparations and visit.

  3. Big change indeed!! looks a really nice space!

  4. WOW! Cam - that's fantastic! at last your patience is rewarded!
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.xx