Monday, 18 July 2011

Under an African sky

I spent my 6 month anniversary of being in Rwanda looking at this beautiful sky. Nothing can match an African sunset. All of that intensity, that colour, that vibrancy and sheer raw beauty. In fact the sunset is just like the continent itself. And as I sit marvelling at this view, beer in hand, I think back to what I was like at the airport 6 months ago. I was pale, wrapped up in lots of clothing, bleary eyed through lack of sleep, a few pounds heavier...And now...I have a tan (well at least on my face and arms), I have forgotten what it feels like to wear socks let alone one of my many pairs of furry boots and my eyes no longer have that red raw ‘I haven’t slept’ look. Well at least not today as I haven’t been burning the midnight oil on the dancefloor.

And facing my arch enemy, the vegetable, has been very good for my health. Vegetables are not quite as bad as I originally thought. Because they are the only thing I can buy at the market I have had to learn to make peace with them. Now while I will never like peas or brussel sprouts I have learned to like aubergines and leeks and green beans. The problem I had in England is that I would never chose a vegetable over something nice to eat, like crusty french bread or cheese or cake so I just never really ate them. But in the absence of anything of those things here I’ve had to learn how to make vegetables taste nice. Its a fine art, it really is. Seasoning is the key.

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