Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I am famous

Yesterday was a first for me. I was on the radio! BBC Bristol rang me all the way from the UK to talk to me about my work with vso. Now I must admit I was pretty scared because I am not the most articulate person on the phone with people I don’t know. In particular I have a problem with insurance companies. I hate the way you have to read out all those numbers and answers to secret questions and stuff. I know they are trying to catch me out and it usually works even though I am not a fraudster. But amazingly enough it actually went ok. I do sound terribly posh on the phone and I had never even realised which was very interesting.

For the curious my interview is on BBC iplayer for the next week. I was on BBC radio Bristol at about 10.50am on Monday the 26th September and the presenter was John Darvall. I am on about 1hr 49mins into the broadcast. I tried to post the link but it just didn't want to let me.



  1. Hey!! just listened to it! you sounded great! got your letter this morning, made us laugh so much!! will email soon ... really looking forward to seeing you xxxx

  2. The link is


    but it will probably only be available until 2 Oct. However, I have managed to extract it to an MP3 file - if anyone wants it, it is about 4M long.