Sunday, 25 September 2011

When the unusual becomes usual

Just recently I’ve become aware of how things that previously would have seemed really weird now don’t. For example, I was on a moto the other day going towards Kabuga and I passed a man with a shoe balanced on his head. Just one shoe at that, not even a pair. And while I did glance that way, my gaze did not linger for long and soon my mind went back to bacon sandwiches and chocolate fudge cake, both of which are the object of my current food cravings.

 And this evening I have been burning rice sacks in the dark (power cut as usual) while listening to Dolly Parton. There was a thunderstorm outside, and while water came flooding in through the humongous gap under my front door I continued to sit there on the floor burning the edges of my rice sacks, only adjusting my position every time the water got a bit too close. And the little voice inside my head that used to tell me ‘this is a bit eccentric’ no longer speaks. Its just normal, a new weird kind of normal.

There are many tiny things that happen throughout the day that used to grab my attention and now don’t. Its a tiny imperceptible change. For example, I no longer think of the TTC tea at breaktime as unbearably sugary, I actually don’t really notice when people stare at me anymore and I never expect the toilet to flush. But for the sake of this blog and my own warped sense of humour I will carry on trying to find the little things in this life that remind me that I am a fish out of water, a cultural alien trying to make sense of things.

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