Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cute kids and St Patrick

Just before my friend Tammy left Rwanda she invited me to spend a couple of hours at the school where she had helped at for the last few years, the Meg foundation in Kigali. I was shown around the school and saw some fantastic things going on including painting! That was so exciting to me to see that happening over here, the kids looked like they were having a great time. So I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time hanging out with the kids who were about the same age I taught back in the UK and I have to say I miss those little ones. They are so much fun and you get such as response from them, none of the ‘too cool for school’ stuff you get from teens and young adults. After spending some time counting with them in English and Kinyarwanda I found it hard to tear myself away. 

Well I’ve been kind of obsessed with taking photographs recently as I know I haven’t got limitless time left in Rwanda, so I couldn’t resist getting my camera out again. Unlike the kids in my village, these ones were used to seeing foreign visitors and they loved posing for the camera so much that in the end I had to stop and say no more! Some of the pictures were so cute I just had to share them, so here they are.

Also on the same weekend was the St Patrick’s day celebration in Kigali. I have to say that ironically I’ve never known so many Irish people as I have in Rwanda. It is strange that I’ve come all the way to Africa and I’ve got to know more people from my neighbouring country in the last year than I have previously in my lifetime, the world works in very strange ways. The September vso intake had a good Irish contingent and they were determined to put on a good show this year in the one and only Irish bar in Kigali. That is another thing I didn’t know until recently, there is actually an Irish bar in Kigali...those Irish have a bar in every city in the world, I swear. I have seen Irish bars in Sri Lanka, China and Cambodia to name but a few places. Needless to say it was a drunken affair and when I woke up the next day smeared in green face paint I vowed never to drink again...was St Patrick the patron saint of alcoholism or something? I think he must have been... 

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  1. Hey Cam, you are looking great!! loving your hair ... don't know whats different! but most of all ... loving the Hoff!! you really couldn't leave David there! been meaning to send snail mail ... will do soon xxx