Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rain in Rwanda

So it seems the rainy season is pretty much here. The signs that it’s about to be a vicious rainstorm are as follows: It gets really really hot, the temperature then plummets and it gets really really cold, then the tornado like winds begin. It is at this point that people start to go a bit crazy. Schoolchildren run, people begin to pedal their bikes furiously, moto drivers start to drive at a dangerous speed and the sky goes black. Loud thunder begins. Sometimes you get lightning but more often than not its just thunder. A few drops fall. Strangely there is always at least a minute of light rain before it becomes torrential. And then you’d better be inside or you’ll be sorry. Trees bend. Tins roofs come off. Roads become rivers. And public life ceases to be.
Well yesterday when this happened fortunately I was tucked up inside nice and warm in my house marking exam papers. I tried to capture the effects of the rain on my camera. I have also displayed some pictures I took just before as rainstorm in Kigali a few days ago to give you a sense of what its like. And the worst thing about the rainy season is a lot more people become sick. Up to now I have been remarkably healthy out here in Rwanda. But today I feel ghastly. I have fallen victim to what has to be the worst cold I’ve had in a long time. It’s one where your head feels all stuffy, joints ache, throat hurts etc. I had to supervise an exam during the hot period today and I nearly expired. Having a slight fever in hot weather is truly horrible. I have spent all evening sitting in a darkened room drinking cup-a-soups. And I feel really annoyed because I have so much to do! But hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling better as I really don’t want to get on a motorbike feeling like this...

Kigali in the calm before the storm...

My garden in the rain. I love watching the rain fall in my garden for some reason.

My front door. It has a gap about 6 inches big from the floor so flooding is inevitable.

My bedroom window, Bearing in mind that its only about 2pm in the afternoon.

My neighbour's yard. This shows you a bit what the mud can get like in the rainy season.

My neighbour's roof. I saw lots of twisted metal sheets that had come of rooves the next morning.

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