Sunday, 29 April 2012

Living it up in Butare

It’s good to be back posting on my blog after a month of absence. It’s not that I’ve not been doing anything, quite the opposite actually, April has been a busy month for me and so I’m going to try and catch you all up with the latest happenings for me in Rwanda. So at the beginning of April I went to Butare for a few days to hang out with my best friends in Rwanda, Lindsey and Kathy. We spent our time eating, walking around Butare, discussing girly things and generally having a good time. 

Butare is an interesting place. It is the main university town of Rwanda and it definitely has more of a campus vibe than anywhere else in Rwanda. There are a couple of studenty clubs and some western style supermarkets. There is even an ice-cream parlour! Going there was a very exciting experience, I had no idea that there was somewhere in Rwanda where you could get My whippy style ice-cream with lots of sprinkles on top, just goes to prove that you can still make discoveries about Rwanda even after living here for 15 months.

We went to the main university campus of the National University of Rwanda because they have quite an interesting forest there to walk around. It was a lovely walk, it reminded me of a forest walk in the UK except that the weather is better and the birds and insects are much more colourful. I have a vested interest in exploring Butare because I will be moving there for a few weeks before the end of my placement to work on some projects with other volunteers.   

In the evening we went to the hip and happening ‘Club Falcon’ where we met someone who look like the Rwandese Super Mario. Dressed to impress, he did attempt to break dance for us but kept falling over. I know sometimes you shouldn’t laugh and it’s not like I could do any better but it was just too funny. I never thought I’d meet a break dancing super Mario in is full of surprises!

Lindsey and Kathy

Its about time I got a haircut

Lindsey with Rwandan Super Mario

An insect in the University forest

The main Catholic church in Butare

Am I in jail??? No, just La Procure, a guesthouse in Butare

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  1. Hi, I am a Nigeria and will visit Butare in August for a very very very short holiday. Where and who should I see?