Sunday, 29 April 2012

A new volunteer arrives in middle earth...

I have been living alone for more than 15 months now in my small rural village, but this week all of that changed. Because I am going to finish my placement in June, vso have recruited another volunteer to work at my TTC. So I had a huge challenge to try to clear away enough of my junk for another person to live in my house. It took me ages and ages and my bedroom still looks like a volcano has hit it, and that is probably the way it will stay until I leave. 

It is so great having another person to have a conversation with, and show around all the sights of Nzige. He has seen the college, the market and the bar, the three things that you really need to know about in Nzige. The community are confused and probably think I have had a secret marriage on one of my many trips to Kigali as it is not culturally normal for a woman to live with a man unless they are married, so I am definitely the gossip of Nzige ville. Perhaps now is the time to wear the fake wedding ring...

My stuff

Julius is in the house!

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