Monday, 20 December 2010

I shed a few tears...

Friday was my last day working at Hannah More Infant School and I spent most of the day playing in the snow with my lovely class and making games of pin the tail on the reindeer. After more than 5 years of working there I will miss all of the fab children and staff I have worked with, there is never a dull moment, I have been very lucky. It felt very strange to be leaving and it didn't really sink in until I opened my door to let the children go home at the end of the day, the second I shut the door I was in floods of tears!

I have been given a bear called Hannah to remind me of Hannah More when I am in Rwanda. She has very long hair just like me and slightly eccentric dress sense...the only trouble is stuffing her into the suitcase. I think she might have to suffer the indignity of being vac packed. The next photo of her might feature a green hill or two in the background, or maybe even a silverback gorilla.

Further to this I also found out a little more about the location of my placement. It seems I'm going to be staying in a place called Bicumbi, 16k from the main road and about 11k from Rwamagana. It is a small village, but it has some shops and a market. It was great to find out a bit more detail.


  1. goodluck with your volunteer work in Rwanda, i hear its a great place

  2. that bear is scary ... think its the long human hair!