Thursday, 30 December 2010

The perils of packing

I have finally amassed a heap of stuff to take with me and I'm wondering a) how on earth is it going to fit into 2 bags? b) is it unreasonable to use 500g of my luggage allowance on jelly beans? and c) do I really need to take a whole pharmacy's worth of drugs, bandages and cures for every imaginable ailment out with me? Only time will tell the answer to these questions.
I think I'm going to have to get really creative with getting everything out with me. The first option is to wear most of my clothes at once. Now this is a picture of the man who holds the guiness world record for the most t-shirts worn at once (155) and I must admit its not the best look, although I do applaud his contribution to world travel by proving that is is possible to wear all your t-shirts at once.

Or another option is to get a coat with millions of pockets sewn in. They don't weigh your coat at check in so this has got to be an idea. Perhaps i could wear one like this?

I am just a bit worried that I will look incredibly shady wearing a coat like this...just imagine how long the strip search would take. My last idea involves Brussel's airlines statement that a separate 'ladies handbag' is allowed. So could I perhaps find the biggest handbag in the world?

This is every girls dream! There are no maximum size dimensions mentioned for a handbag on the Brussel's airlines website, but I'm a bit worried it won't pass through the security machine.

In conclusion, I think I'll try elements of all three ideas and see what happens ;-)

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  1. Hi Cam, I love that giant handbag... do you get a giant sherper too in order to lug it around behind you? Miss you already! Jo xx