Monday, 10 January 2011

Only 5 days to go!

The time to leave is nearly upon me and I have been busy sorting out all of the little things that seem to take so long like changing my car insurance, bank details, packing and of course, learning Kinyarwanda which I'm trying to do a bit of nearly every day. I still have one lesson left to do so I had better put some time in today. I had a fantastic last weekend on British soil spending time in Bristol and Chesterfield with people I love but now I'm feeling ready to go and raring to get in Rwanda and get started. Bring it on! I can't wait to not be cold and wearing a thick coat all of the time and get stuck into all of the experiences and challenges that await me...feel like I'm skiving at the moment as it feels so strange not being at work. Not that this feeling will last for long as when I arrive I have 10 days of in country training where I have Kinyarwanda lessons starting at 8 in the morning, so it definitely feels like the calm before the storm.

Out for a walk near Chesterfield with Michelle in very bracing English winter weather wearing a reindeer hat for the last time...

Jo Jezz, Mark and Becky in Ocean night club in they have people in Rwanda like you lot?!

I have also had my lovely long locks cut off because I want my industrial sized bottle of tres semme shampoo to last as long as possible as I've heard that shampoo is horrendously expensive in Rwanda. That and cold water and long thick hair are a really rubbish combination. It does puff out in a really terrible way when its washed but never mind!

My new hair cut


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  1. Hi Camilla - love the new look hair - what a good idea. You are doing really well with the Kinyarwanda I'm afraid I've let it slip since before christmas and I'm now getting worried that I'm going to be the dunce of the class - hey ho!! See you Saturday in Brussels x