Monday, 31 January 2011

Cooking something edible

Today was momentous because for the first time in 5 days I have managed to cook something I wanted to eat on my hotplate. Its not through lack of trying but everything I make seems to taste gross. First there was the asda special ‘meat free chilli’ just add water mix (from home). I added too much water and it turned into a horrible watery soup with bits of fake meat floating in it. Then there was gritty tortillas. I was so proud of myself for getting wheat flour, making dough and frying tortillas in my pan. But unfortunately I didn’t sieve the flour or its flour that I’m not used to because my tortillas had gritty bits in them. The tortillas were also a very funny colour...
But today I sliced up some potatoes and managed to make passable chips. I even ate them with a bit of Heinz ketchup I took with me from the UK. True, they were floating in the lovely ‘golden fry’ cooking oil, but nonetheless they had that lovely chippy texture. Ok I’ll stop going on about food now. Its only been two weeks and already I’m dreaming of fluffy bread and chocolate cake. I can feel that on my next trip to Kigali I’m likely to succumb and buy some horrifically expensive imported food item, but so far I have remained strong and resisted the hobnobs and Cadbury’s chocolate...but I feel the resolve weakening with every passing day.

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