Thursday, 27 January 2011

Introductions and setting up home.

I tried to introduce myself in Kinyarwanda to 400 students today...they laughed at me, but in a friendly way. I even got a clap! Although it was probably for bravery/stupidity rather than because my Kinyarwanda was any good! I have hibernated for the rest of the day inside, setting up my house and deciding which room should be the ‘kitchen’ and trying to make my bedroom feel like more homely.  
Trying to make my house feel like home got me thinking about the things I brought and the things I wish I had brought.
Top 3 useful things –
Kettle – makes boiling water so much easier. I know it cost loads of my volunteer housing allowance but its so worth it. And its helped me to maintain my tea addiction.
Big throw down rug – makes the floor look better. Sorry Rachel for sending you out to get many more on my behalf!
Laptop with plug in modem – my window on the world! I don’t know what vso people did before the internet and mobile phones, they must have gone mad.
3 things I wish I had brought -
A she wee – need I say more?! Men have definitely got an advantage when it comes to squat toilets.
Hundreds more throw down rugs and humongous posters to cover walls and floors...
More smart skirts for work – My female Rwandan colleagues put me to shame when it comes to looking smart.
Tomorrow I might try to set up a Rwandan bank account and see if they will let me, among many other things.


  1. pee in a cup ... a designated cup (or jug, depending on how much tea has been drunk) ... it's the same stance as wild peeing when peeing on a walk! forget she wee, a pee pot will do the job!! lol! all sounds amazing!!!!! xxx

  2. Lol Michelle, I can't even get it down the quite large hole, let alone a teeny cup! Oh dear, I live and learn!