Saturday, 15 January 2011

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...

The bags are packed, the jabs are done and most of the goodbyes have been said, I'm off to the airport in less than 4 hours and I don't think i'm going to get any sleep...just going to enjoy stretching out on the double bed, under a nice big feather duvet, stretch one way and then the other...bliss. These last couple of days have turned me into a right insomniac. Maybe its the larium messing with the mind, or just the reality of leaving my lovely familiar life for the great unknown.

Last night I watched a documentary at 3am on the history of mental assylums on bbc iplayer and still I couldn't sleep. Mind you watching a 1960's film of some poor soul getting a frontal lobtomy probably isn't the best thing to relax the mind. It was pretty horrible actually, I don't think I'm going to look at chopsticks in quite the same way ever again. Tonight i'll try counting sheep, or mountain gorillas, or something like that.

The next time I'll post i'll be in Rwanda and at last the blog will start to live up to the promise of its title. I hope everyone is well and I'll be in touch soon.

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