Saturday, 11 December 2010

Skills for Working in Development and My first Christmas cake!

Well what a week it has been. I spent 4 days doing a vso course called 'skills for working in development' which was very instense but also really interesting. I now know that post it notes are very important when it comes to running workshops and I have practised my negotiation and conflict resolution skills with a very difficult fake Guatamalan boss!  

I have also just made my first ever Christmas cake to raffle to raise funds for vso...its not something I would normally make as I'm not the biggest fan of dried fruit but maybe this year will be the year I really appreciate Christmas cake. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say! It looked a bit wonky but surprisingly people have admired it because it looks like the ones in Marks and Spencers. We ran out of things in the cupboard to decorate it so it just has gold stars on the top.

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  1. Make the most of any Christmas food you can get this year Cam, cos next year we'll be a bit short of it I guess. Love, Tricia