Friday, 11 March 2011

Our new exhibit is called ‘umuzungu’

There are large glass windows all on one side of my marvellous TRC, which is great because it makes it nice and light and airy. It is also perfect for a daydreamer and people watcher like me because any time when I am feeling fatigued from making resources or lesson planning I can look out and watch the world go by. The only trouble is it also makes it easier for people to look in. Children from the primary and secondary schools next door and even some of the braver TTC students come and tap on the glass and watch me at work.
I’m thinking of writing a description for myself ‘Our new exhibit is called ‘umuzungu’. Umuzungus are creatures with white skin. They usually come from the Western hemisphere by origin and tend to live in cold climates. This particular specimen comes from England, a cold and rainy country in Europe. It is an example of an adult female and although 27 years old, has yet to marry or bear any young. It is a shy and usually harmless creature although it is wise not to disturb it too early in the mornings as dangerous and erratic behaviour has been observed before 8am. If you want to feed the umuzungu, it likes chocolate and crisps, cake, bread and cheese, but not all at the same time. Thank you for visiting.
All in a days work. I do keep getting visitors, in particular other tutors at the TTC, coming to look at what I’ve done which has given me a much needed mental boost as I’m feeling a little low this week. I think I’ve started to hit the two month dip on the graph that vso showed us before we departed. We were warned. But the graph does go up again, well as long as I’m not a statistical anomaly that is...I’m sure I’m totally normal. A completely usual and sane human being....perhaps with a few extra yellow pencils in the pack? Or a few unpicked threads in the shirt......


  1. hello!! loving the pics on here - centre & rice sacks look brill! also love the invaluable French ‘le ouiseaux, il est mortir’! made me laugh! not as much as a monster Aussie magpie swooping down on you trying to peck your brains out- though that will take some beating! you deinately have a few more yellow crayons but ur not an anomaly! Hope the choc arrives soon, will give you a seorotonin boost to help you get through the dip! Thinking of you loads xxxx

  2. Hi Camilla. You are not a "statistical anamole". It will just get better and better when you see what a difference you are making to the lives of others and they make to your life.Trust me! Stephen