Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Out and about

By popular request I've decided to put a few more photos up of my surroundings. Soon I will psyche myself up to go for a proper walk around with my camera as it is really beautiful here. I want to get some cute kiddie picutres too, but you have to be a bit careful as many adults here do not appear very keen on having their photo taken, unlike in China where people posed literally anywhere! But for now here are a few more.

I'll start with some more shots of my house. My house in a nice brick dwelling which is lovely and cool in the heat.

It has the most beatiful garden

And a nice view out the back

Lets be honest the toilet can be creepy in the dark and I won't tell you about my losing things down it nightmares

And showering facilities are basic!

But its my home and I'm learning to love it more each day. Heres a picture of my new improved bedroom. Its still got some way to go but I think the African fabrics brighten it up. The white things everywhere are French flashcards.

This is what I see every morning out my front gate.

And this is what I see on my walk to work

The road is never this quiet when I actually am walking to work! I went at an unusually quiet time of day.

Now the computers being a bit weird so I will try and post these then I might do some more.

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  1. love the pics! house & garden v.nice!! walk to wok looks lovely too!!