Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The bottle top thief

Ok I it seems my new job involves me scrabbling around in the dirt picking up discarded bottle tops. When it rained earlier today and everyone else was inside I did the deed. I always feel a bit shameful doing it when people can see. It just doesn’t seem very socially acceptable to get down on your hands and knees outside someone’s house to gauge dirty trodden on bottle tops out of the earth with your hands. Especially as everyone looks at me enough as it is! Why would anyone want to do such a weird thing? You may ask and I think if they were able to ask me in a way that I understood I think most people here would ask too.
Well there is so much you can do with bottle tops, you just wouldn’t believe it. I think I really do love them. They can become counters in a game of checkers or snakes and ladders. When you bash a hole through them with a nail and string them onto twine they can become a counting bead string. You can use them simply as counters or you can even make shapes or the flag of Rwanda out of them. The white ones from the ‘Mutzig’ beer bottles can have letters or numbers drawn onto them and so can be used for spelling and ordering numbers. I'm sure they also have a hundred million other uses I haven't quite dicovered yet. Bottle tops are brilliant! Long may people continue to throw them onto the ground.

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