Sunday, 13 March 2011

Vegetables, pedicures and charity shop karma

Ok so this week was a bad week in the kitchen. The market was bereft of food, so much so that it was a struggle to even get bananas. It was tomatoes, onions and potatoes all week. I ran out of chocolate, I ran out of eggs, I ran out of cup a soups and I started to feel a bit miserable about eating. So when I went to Rwamagana to see Steven and Mary for rest, relaxation and a little bit of workshop planning I couldn’t resist a visit to the market. I can honestly say for the first time in my life I got excited about vegetables. As a person who loves all the bad stuff in life I never thought that would happen. I practically jumped up and down with excitement when I saw an aubergine. I don’t know what has happened to me. Who is this girl? I think I’ve lost about a stone since being here and all my clothes are falling down!  I better fatten up fast or I think I’ll be doing more flashing on the moto as my jeans will not stay up.
Talking of clothes I attempted to try and find a skirt for work at the market too. As a bartered away my volunteer allowance for an ordinary black second/third/fourth hand skirt which looks very similar to one I have in my wardrobe in the UK I thought this is karma. This is what you get for being so wasteful with clothes, here, slowly but surely, you will need to buy back all those clothes you stuffed into the charity shop bin. Its surprising how expensive the second hand clothes are, it made me realise how amazing it is that Rwandan people are so well dressed. The never walk around the college with yellow chalk dust all over their bum.. .I really haven’t got the hang of this whole chalk thing. I’m forever accidentally smearing my clothes with dust. Its because I have never had to teach using chalk. It was all interactive whiteboards and dry wipe pens in the life before.
The last exciting event of the weekend was the pedicure. I thought that Mary and me were very brave. Especially when the girl got out this blade thing. We looked at each other and wondered if we were going to lose our toes. But fear not, the young lady who did our pedicures was a perfectionist and extremely gentle. I also found myself admiring all the hair braiding going on around me. I want to get my hair braided one day. Perhaps before the big Christmas break? We shall see!

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