Monday, 28 February 2011

Homemade cookies and ice cream

I’ve had another fabulous weekend of visiting other volunteers. This time I visited Cathy and Louise, some volunteers who have been here for 6 months and who live further East than me in a town called Kibungo. Kibungo seemed a really nice town. Not least because they have a bakery and a shop where you can buy Cadbury’s dairy milk (the quite strange South African variety but Cadburys nonetheless). In the evening we went out for dinner to the house of some American Peace Corps volunteers. They were very lovely and great people to talk to. They have almost completed their two year placements in Rwanda and will shortly be heading back to the states. It was really interesting to talk to people at the opposite end of their placements. I have this massive stretch of two years before me where I can’t imagine the end so it was interesting to get some perspective on two years and to hear about what they had done in that time.
The food was totally amazing. Our charming hostess had made middle Eastern food with flat bread followed by chocolate chip cookies and caramel ice cream! I honestly thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was definitely the best food that I’ve had so far in Rwanda and inspired me to get a bit more creative with the cooking again.
Then I went to Kigali for a couple of meetings with the other TTC (Teacher training college) volunteers. We went for more African Chinese food and then stayed at this place run by nuns near the city centre. It is definitely the most religious place I’ve ever stayed. There was a kind of shrine to the pope in the reception area which featured a huge signed photograph. I’m not quite sure about why it was run by nuns  but I’m sure one day I will find out as its frequently used by vso by virtue of the fact it only costs four quid a night to stay there. Well I’m feeling pretty tired today so I think its time to give in and go to bed as I’m back in the classroom tomorrow.

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