Thursday, 10 February 2011

I am cursed with motos

Yesterday I finished work earlier than expected and so I ventured into Kigali to buy stationery and do chores for work such as printing things and photocopying (yes, exciting stuff I know). Well on the way back I seemed to get another crazy moto driver. I do seem to have a talent for picking them! After ten minutes of hair raising hanging on as he beeped at everyone in his wake to look at the umuzungu passenger, his moto hit a stone and he got a flat tyre. I would have though haha serves you right for driving like a madman, except for we were literally in the middle of nowhere and the light was fading.
 Some cute children came to stare at me as if I had 10 heads and in turn both me and the moto driver stared wistfully at the punctured tyre. Eventually just as I was formulating my ‘oh dear what do I do next?’ plan, he tried to mend it by sticking his key in the tyre but to no avail. So he called one of his mates to take me home (it seems that all moto drivers know each other). So in about 6 moto journeys I’ve had one fall and one flat tyre, statistically this is very bad! Its a good job I’ve no sense at all and just keep on getting back on.

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  1. Don't forget ur massive VSO helmit! & learn kinyargandan for 'please drive slowly i get travel sick'!!