Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Will snowman markers shorten my life?!

I’ve spent the afternoon planning lessons and making teaching resources. The only marker pens you can get here are called ‘snowman’ and they say ‘beware imitation’ on the box, but really it should say ‘beware inhalation’. As the toxic fumes invaded my front room I couldn’t help but wonder whether the few remaining brain cells I have left are being slowly eradicated. The name ‘snowman’ for marker pens is in itself a bit strange...its not as if they come in white, and I dread to think what they would do to an actual snowman if you were to draw his smile on with one of those! But snowman markers will become vital to my life as they enable me to draw pretty pictures onto rice sacks which will be to me here what PowerPoint was to me back in England. So I do love snowman markers really...

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