Friday, 25 February 2011

Its not right but its ok...

Today was an exciting day. I finally moved into the TRC (Teacher's Resource Centre). There are still birds roosting in the corner and there is no furniture other than a couple of tables and a chair but I have the keys and it is my space. .. And now I’ve somehow got to make it into a super duper resource centre full of books, visual aids, games and child centred resources. It would be made easier if UNICEF got on with it and coughed up the cash so I could at least buy furniture but...its seems that the powers that be move slowly.
 In the meantime I’m making some storage units out of old cardboard boxes in true Blue Peter style, I’m quite proud of them actually. They look a bit like something I saw in IKEA once except that they are made out of cardboard. I think the TRC will soon look like a cardboard IKEA showroom. If only I could magic the cardboard into the fabulous IKEA Swedish meatballs...mmmm...I’m having carnivorous dreams again.  This is what larium combined with protein deficiency does to you. It makes you dream of meat. I know its weird. I just keep telling myself that its not right but its ok...surely there are weirder dreams that I could have?! Ok well maybe not, the only weirder dream I had was about the chicken, but that was brought on by fantasising about eggs so it was still a protein related episode. Well at least I've lost the cake weight. Can't weigh myself but looking trimmer for sure! 
Another achievement of the day was that I have managed to write a whole page and a half of French and sent my first ever French text message. My accent is terrible and my teacher is too polite to tell me that I’m murdering the language of romance. I have a feeling I’m learning a kind of African French too. It will be interesting to watch people’s faces when I next go to France...I’m looking forward to the reaction, attention seeker that I am ;-)

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