Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pizza never tasted so good!

Yesterday marked my three week anniversary since arriving from the UK. I can’t quite believe its only been three weeks since I was sat in my room in my parents house surrounded by piles and piles of stuff. It seems like another world, well I guess it is in most ways. While I’m still to really understand what cash power is about,  can’t really hold down a conversation in Kinyarwanda yet and haven’t discovered whether its possible to buy eggs in the village, I do know much more than I did and I’m starting to feel more at ease in my surroundings.

This weekend I headed to Kigali to stay in the vso dorm (for free!). VSO Rwanda is one of only two vso programme offices around the world to have a dorm so I think we are really lucky. Its also on the right side of town from where I live so only takes me an hour to get there. On the Friday evening I went out for dinner with some other volunteers to a great Italian restaurant called Sol Luna. I had a pizza and its the best I’ve had in a really long time. Oh how absence makes the heart grow fonder! And I love the fact it came with French fries on top like a kind of McDonald’s pizza, genius.
 I caved in this weekend and bought a great big block of the orange gouda cheese thats readily available in Kigali. According to Kelti, it lasts for ages without a fridge and when green bits start to appear you just cut them off and carry on.  I did see the strangest thing in Nakkomatt (big Kenyan supermarket). It was cheese made from both cows and goats...I’m not so sure about that one. Its probably delicious but I’m just not sure you should mix different kinds of animals together in just one cheese...I bet you anything I will end up trying it before my time is up here.
Us UNICEF CAPACE people working at teacher training colleges got together to do some planning and thinking which was really helpful. It was also lovely to spend some time just chilling out, walking about freely and lounging about in restaurants and cafes. Just what I needed. This week I pledge to begin the exercise dvds behind closed curtains as feeling a little bit of an unfit slob. I may also take my skipping rope out into the yard. I’ve never been able to skip as I due to my height I have always had a lack of control and coordination over my limbs, but I think its time I gave it a go.

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