Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The candlelight disco bucket shower

The light went out yet again in my outside ‘shower’ room just as I was about to pour the first cup of water over my head. This unfortunate event was followed by a stamped foot and a few swear words. I weighed up the option of just not bothering for another night...but then a stand of hair escaped from my ponytail and stuck to my face...yep the grease content was that high. So seeing as vso requires me to be flexible, adaptable, patient, blah, blah, I got out the candles and torch and persevered with the inconvenient task of washing myself in the almost dark.

Now all was well and good until I somehow managed to accidentally jam my wind up torch onto the continual flashing light setting. So there I was stood in the dark, pouring buckets of water over my head, yet feeling like I was in some kind of seedy underground disco club. Very weird. All I needed was some Lionel Richie or Jackson 5 to complete the experience. Sadly I’d left my laptop which contained the offending tunes inside, so I just had to imagine them in my head. And that was that. A bucket shower with a difference.


  1. Surely it should be Boney-M you listen to - "brown girl in the shower, tra-la-la-la-la"

  2. Oh my word, it is so good to read about how things are really - enjoying your blog so much in preparation for coming out to Rwanda in September