Sunday, 1 May 2011

Land of hope and glory

Wow what a fun weekend! It started off with me making union jack flags in my resource centre because I couldn’t find any students to teach, God knows where they all were, I sure didn’t, followed by indulging in my favourite passion – spending too much money at the craft market (there are some beautiful things made in Rwanda, I guarantee you will have some gorgeous Christmas prezzies when I finally come back) and ended with an outrageous hangover.

On Friday I attended the Royal wedding garden party at the new British high commissioner’s house in Kigali. Oh my god. They had Pimms!!! It was such a taste of home. They also had a free open bar full of imported wines and canapés of cheese on toast, sandwiches , mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and sticky toffee puddings. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, it was magic. They played land of hope and glory and clips of the Royal wedding on a big screen in the garden which was lit up by fairy lights. I spoke to the high commissioner and his wife very briefly and we established that I had the perfect name for such an occasion. It was lovely to be able to dress up and celebrate all things British. It amazing how much you miss your own culture when you are taken somewhere which is so completely different.

After that we went to the Ethiopian restaurant lallibella for Rachel’s birthday which I have raved about in previous blog posts. And then my memory starts to fade a little. We ended up at this club nearby where they played some really fun music, all the world cup songs from the summer and pop music we knew from home. Had a great time dancing.

Unfortunately I then got a huge piece of glass stuck in my foot. And boy did it bleed. Despite my fabulous American nurse Erin doing her best, we just couldn’t get it to stop. They didn’t have any plasters or bandages so we had to go around the club looking for them. I didn’t realise it was quite so bad until the other volunteers noticed that I was leaving blood footprints all over the concrete outside. The only compensation was that I did attract a crowd of good looking concerned young men, there is nothing like a damsel in distress. Although all they said was ‘this is Africa’, not the most helpful response! Well that has put paid to my running for a few days. I am now able to put some weight back onto my foot but its still sore. Still I expect I will make a full recovery soon.

The High Commissioner's house

VSO volunteers (clockwise from front left): Rose, Louise, Rachel, Pauline, Tammy, Kathy and me.

Everyone watching the Royal wedding

Our new British High Commissioner and his wife

Girls just like to have fun.....

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