Friday, 6 May 2011

The day the muzungu ran again

Today I ran in the stadium for a second time. It was so much better! While there was still a group of young men staring at me singing ‘I like the way she moves’ there weren’t so many of them and none of the staring school kids. It was so good to be able to actually run and do some real exercise for once. However it had just rained so the ground was incredibly treacherous underfoot. I am quite sure that one of these days I will break a leg. I have already come close on two occasions. Once was in Kigali and I wasn’t looking at the pavement. Huge mistake. The pavement kind of disappears in some places and has huge holes that go down many feet. I started to lose one leg down a hole and just pulled it back from the brink. And today, running around the stadium I very nearly twisted my ankle on mud.

Well its the weekend. Its not going to be such a big one as the weekend before. I’ll go to Kigali tomorrow to talk about chimps (some non vso educational project, watch this space!) and on Sunday I’ll be back in the village. A couple of tutors have offered to accompany me to the church which so far I have failed to visit so that should be an experience! Little by little I’m starting to feel a bit more culturally integrated in Nzige. Its not easy and takes time, but slowly slowly I’m feeling a bit more confident around the village and people are regarding me with a bit more warmth. I actually went into one of the little claustrophobic shops today (which I seem to have a totally stupid and irrational fear of, don’t ask me why!) and it really wasn’t so bad after all. And I think I spoke my best Kinyarwanda ever at the market this week. So the week ends on a high J.

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