Thursday, 12 May 2011

The four carb combo at the restaurant of the sisters

Ok in all honesty I don’t think this post will be nearly as exciting to anyone else but I made an amazing discovery today. There is actually a restaurant of sorts in Nzige. Ok so you can only really order one meal and it probably contains the average person’s weekly carb intake but still, it was cheap and tasty, what more could a cash strapped too lazy to cook vso vol. want? Its run by the catholic sisters, an enigmatic bunch who I am still trying to find out about. Apparently two of them are in one of my senior 4 classes at the TTC and I hadn’t even noticed, something which the Ugandan tutors found quite unbelievable. What can I say, my ‘sister radar’ is just not well developed. I’m not good at looking at people and telling whether they are nuns or not. I mean come on, its not as if they were wearing the whole ‘sister act’ uniform!

My plate was a carbohydrate volcano of ibitoke (plantain), ibishyimbo (beans), spaghetti, (ifiriti) chips, (umuceri) rice and (ishu) cabbage, I just couldn’t eat it all so I may try to avoid the beans next time as I feel awful wasting food here. The four carb combo of plantain, spaghetti, rice and chips, common in Rwanda, is still strange to me despite living here for nearly four months. I still see no need for them all on one plate! Having said that I think its beginning to rub off on me as thinking about it I had two carbs in one meal yesterday, something I would seldom do at home. Who knows, will the four carb combo eventually stay with me?! I kind of hope not made me ever so sluggish in class this afternoon!

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  1. lol!!! i can remember you eating a large quantity of hot cross buns for tea one night! lol!! good practice ... though you weren't quite getting the variation!! caught up on loads of ur blogs the other day ... made me laugh, though not the bit about a chunk of glass in ur foot! the bird story reminded me of your giant magpie incident in Australia ... hope you got my email ok & could open the pics xxx