Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Revenge of the birds

I did a bad thing a couple weeks ago. I got fed up of the birds which have called my resource centre home since before I arrived. They made mess all over my ‘what makes a good teacher’ display and my lovely rice sacks. So I stood on top of a chair on top of a table and I bashed the bird’s nest down with a metre stick (there were no birds inside at the time I hasten to add!). The birds just appeared to vanish and all was well for a while, that was until today. Today the birds came back. Further to this they appeared to be very angry. They kept flying into the corner where the birds nest was. Then they would repeatedly peck at the wall and fly with fury around the resource centre. They repeated this sequence continually. Then they would perch on the string I have put up to hang my rice sacks on and glare down at me.

If I chased them away shouting ‘bugenda!’ or ‘go’ they would leave for about 2 minutes and then come back and repeat the ritual. And this lasted all day. Its a wonder they didn’t die from exhaustion. I hope they get the hint and leave, I really do. Otherwise I fear I will end up looking for a water pistol next time I’m in Kigali and then they will be sorry. The birds are not going to win this one. No they are not. They are not even the pretty florescent green ones or cute little blue ones, they are boring ugly brown birds like the ones in England and there is no place for them in my resource centre. The other option is to make some kind of scarecrow, but seeing as they are not put off by real people shrieking at them I don’t think they would be scared by a calm still fake person. Ah the revenge of the birds, I hope I don’t have a weird larium dream about them tonight.  

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